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I am an information technology (IT) consultant and photography enthusiast based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I specialize in services related to developing database application software, and I have experience with many different types of businesses and software applications.

I am a full-time senior systems analyst with Great-West Life, but I am available for small projects.

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    Zoo _2015_06_28_16-08-08_DSC_3524_©LindsayBerger2015Zoo _2015_06_28_16-16-02_DSC_3561_©LindsayBerger2015Zoo _2015_06_28_16-16-53_DSC_3565_©LindsayBerger2015The Peacock RespondsTurkey on a MissionCCFC_MB_GutsyWalk _2015_06_07_14-36-06_DSC_3252_©LindsayBerger2015CCFC_MB_GutsyWalk _2015_06_07_14-35-17_DSC_3245_©LindsayBerger2015CCFC_MB_GutsyWalk _2015_06_07_14-35-10_DSC_3243_©LindsayBerger2015CCFC_MB_GutsyWalk _2015_06_07_14-35-07_DSC_3242_©LindsayBerger2015CCFC_MB_GutsyWalk _2015_06_07_14-34-28_DSC_3240_©LindsayBerger2015CCFC_MB_GutsyWalk _2015_06_07_14-34-17_DSC_3239_©LindsayBerger2015CCFC_MB_GutsyWalk _2015_06_07_14-33-46_DSC_3238_©LindsayBerger2015

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